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Leo Dildo

Our Price: $70.00

Many women come into the store and ask for the average size dildo.  And of course, that's pretty impossible to answer.  However, it is true that there are 2 dildos that are chosen more often than others. The Leo, and the Mistress.  The Mistress is thinner than the Leo, and would be the equivalent of one or two fingers. The Leo would be great for a woman that enjoys 2-4 fingers.  The Leo vibrating silicone dildo has a very similar diameter to the Woody , but boasts an extra half inch in length.

A note about length:  These dildos have a base, so they are made to work perfectly in a  strap-on. When you use a strap-on, some of the length of the dildo gets lost between you and your partner. The longer the dildo is, the easier it is to move in and out of your partner. You have more room to play with. Our bodies, and the missionary position in general can use up to 1/2 to 2" of dildo length. Unless your partbner is sitting right on top of the dildo, you are going to lose length. and the more flesh you have, the more length  you are going to lose. Therefore, we suggest that you buy the longest dildo you can get, in the width you enjoy.  There is an exception. Some of us have short vaginal canals, which means when we are penetrated, with fingers or a dildo, it bumps our cervix, and hurts.  In that case, you want to buy a shorter dildo. But usually women with a lower cervix know it, because every time they are penetrated deeply, they feel their cervix being bumped. So if you  have never had cervical pain during penetration, don't worry about it. 

The vibrating Leo comes in a beautiful, pearlized white color. The Leo does come in black and red, but we don't normally carry it, because we can give you the vibrator version at no extra cost. (The vibe itself costs $15.00 is purchased alone.)  If you don't like vibrations, just dont turn the vibe in.

The vibrator is bullet shaped, and fits into the base of the dildo, and inside the shaft. This allows for the entire dildo to vibrate, or your can take it out and use it on your clitoris.  As you can see in the pic, the bullet has a string to pull it in and out of the dildo. 

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