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Dildos por Espana

Our Price: $132.00

These dildos speak for themselves. What you can't know by looking at them is their extraordinary feel.  They have the perfect amount of firmness, and the feel is so silky smooth feel,  that it almost  feels sensual, if you can say that about a dildo. 

 These are  the coolest looking dildos we have ever seen in our 20 years of selling dildos!  This will no doubt, be the finest dildo you have ever owned or used. We have imported these from Spain, so it they are definitely on the expensive side, but  we think it 's worth it! In fact, the first time we got them in, all of our employees bought them out! before our customers even got a first look! 

The shape is also perfect. We tend to think that our vaginas are shaped concave at the top. But the top of our vaginal canal is slanted and curved. This dildos shape, slightly curved at the top, and angled at the tip, mimics the inside of our vaginas. 

It has a lifetime guarentee, so you can't beat that!

The 3 sizes are really perfectly chosen and true to a small, medium and large.  In terms of lenght, when deciding which size dildo to choose, pick the longest one you can, without going past the width you can comfortably enjoy. The longer the dildo, the easier it is to use in a harness.  Also, the bigger we are, the longer the dildo needs to be to go past our bellies, etc.  Exception:  If you often get the sensation of a hand or a dildo going in "too far," (an ouch feeling at the top of you vaginal canal,) it usually means your cervix was  bumped. In that case, you probably have a lower cervix, so choose on the shorter size.
In terms of width, it's easier. Whatever your comfortable with is what you buy. Don't know? If  one finger is your usual, go with a small. If two fingers are easy, go with a medium.  If over two is your thing, and more than 2 wouldn't be uncomfortable, go with a large. And in case you still can't figure it out, go to the supermarket, buy some cucumber and use and measure. (remember to buy condoms while your there.)

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