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Did you know that the world's oldest dildo is made of stone, and is thought to be 28 thousand years old? Since then, dildos have been made of leather and even polished wood. Now they're mostly made of silicone, Pyrex glass, and jelly-rubber, and come in many different designs for many different activities. Whether you want to strap it on or use it on yourself, vaginally or anally, the size of a finger, a fist, or anything in between, there's a dildo here for you.
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Dildos for Harnesses
These are dildos designed specifically for use with a strap-on harness. Thees dildos all have the strong, sturdy, flat base required for use with a strap-on
Silicone is the very best material for a sex toy. It is completely hypoallergenic, will not hold bacteria, and can be bleached and boiled with no adverse reactions. Almost all of our dildos are made of silicone.
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Dildos por Espana
Our Price: $132.00
Dildos por Espana
The best dildo ever made. Feel, touch, shape, and of cousre, the visual is stunning. 3 perfect sizes, and a ton of different colors. Call or email us to choose yours.
The LGear H-Vibe
Our Price: $49.00
 The LGear H-Vibe
We are loving the best strap-in accessory in, well, forever. Read on..
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